it's Complicated

How can I explain last night? It was Complicated. I needed be in two place at the same time and still make the downtown screening of "it's Complicated". This is how the night played out. The first stop was easy, the Le Sportsac holiday shopping event since I work just down the street from their shop in Soho. I love a little discount on my favorite bags and what a Christmas present they make. I waited as long as I could but missed my good friend D'Arcy from Le Sportsac as I had to run to the next event. It was the opening for an exhibit by Pablo Posada. I wasn't sure what I was in for since I am not familiar with his work. When we arrive to the gallery it was the size of a shoebox so I was not worried that I would be late for the screening as it would take just a few minutes to look at his work and enjoy a quick glass of wine. We made it to the screening in plenty of time to get a good seat and look around at who was there before the movie started. I notice some of the cast from Ugly Betty and a handful of socials and the younger stars from the cast as the lights started to dim. It was a nice way to end an evening a running around.


“Barely Private” Exhibit Opening And Book Launch

I feel like I have been gone for weeks. Oh wait, I was. Well I am back on the scene and ready to go. To get back in the swing of things we made a quick stop at the “Barely Private” Exhibit Opening And Book Launch at Milk Studios. It was amazing. I have to say that I loved all the Photos of Pam Anderson and my favorite was right at the entrance of Penelope Cruz. It is worth stopping by The Milk Gallery to check it out. It will be open to the public from December 8th, 2009 until January 5th, 2010.




One for One

Last night we went to view the new Toms Shoe Collection exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. I have to say this was a great party for such a good cause. It had all my favorites; shoes, Mexican hors d'oeuvres, tequila and socials. The shoes were displayed on top of a ping pong table. I thought it was genius but I would see why later that night. Blake the founder was mobbed by press and fans but we finally got to speak with him. At that moment Linda Fargo walked in and the two of them started to speak. We left them to have their photo op and walked over to view the shoes one more time. When we turned around there was Blake showing Linda the shoes. Linda turned and said hello to David, who instantly introduced me to her. I was star struck. It was like meeting Madonna to me. Then it happened the shoes were all being removed and Blake pick up a ping pong padddle and challenged someone to play him. As we watched him play I was introduced to Scott Harrison of charity:water, another great cause. It was great to see all the support that Blake got from Lauren Bush, David Lauren, Liya Kebede and a ton of others. As we left Bergdorf Goodman to view the SNL holiday windows at Barney's New York we noticed that the UNICEF Snowflake was illuminated just an hour before. New York is getting ready for the holidays and so am I for all the parties to come.



Jewels and Socials

Tuesday night was one of those nights. I got home from work, had some dinner but I just could not get myself off the sofa. As winter sets in it gets harder and harder to go back out once you are in the comfort of your apartment. Tonight I had to pull it together. It was the preview of lia sophia jewelry midnight II collection launch at The Gramercy Park Hotel. Could it have been at a chicer place. The private roof club is one of my favorite places to go. When we arrived it was a who's who on the social scene, Tinsley Mortimer, Dabney Mercer, Ali Wise, J Errico, Peter Davis, David Gruning, Fabiola Beracasa, Mickey Boardman, Scott Buccheit, Naeem Delbridge, Charlotte Ronson, Kate Lanphear, Robert Verdi, Victoria Kirby and Melissa Berkelhammer to name a few. Dani Stahl really can pull in the A-list crowd and the jewelry was just amazing. The girls were going wild for it. Dani was busy all night showing off her latest designs. We did get to spend time with her and get a one-on-one preview of the collection. I see Christmas gifts for my family. On the way down in the elevator I got to hear the quote of the night. It went something like this, "I was going to wear my cheetah coat but I thought it would be too whorish with these shoes." It is so funny what you can hear on your way out. Check out Patrick's site for all the photos.



Always up for a good cause.

Last night was the GMHC Fashion Forward Event. GMHC launched Fashion Forward in 2007 to salute the fashion industry's longstanding commitment to fighting HIV and AIDS. Before arriving at the event we had to make a stop at the Guest of a Guest relaunch party. We said a quick hello to Rachelle who looked amazing in a dress by designer Keith Lissner. I was so excited to finally meet her. We then had a quick drink while saying hello to friends and off we went to GMHC. By the time we arrived to the event the venue was already packed. We worked our way through the crowd to check out the silent auction and grab a drink from the bar sponsored by Kettle One. (Yum!) I have to say I always love meeting new people in the fashion industry. The conversation goes like this. "Nice to meet you." "I love your glasses." "Who makes them?" "Are they just glass?" "What do you do?" "Nice to meet you." All of this as their eyes look you up and down real slow so you "don't" know they are trying to figure out who you are. It always make me laugh. By this time the Fashion Show by Saks Fifth Avenue started featuring Resort 2009 Collections. Now we all know what we should be wearing for our holiday getaways. Just before the show ended we dashed to coat check to avoid the lines and off we went to meet an old friend for dinner. The perfect way to end the evening.


La Belle Vie

What can I say about tonight? You never know where you are going end up. I was the "plus one" for an intimate gathering of francophiles in a beautiful brownstone in Chelsea. Upon arrival we checked in and our name cards were giving to a gentleman dressed in some sort of french royal court meets kabuki. The gentleman then slammed down a giant staff and announced my entrance into the room. The next step was to have my photo taken with "Marie Antoinette". Since my mother taught me manners at a young age I knew instantly I needed to kiss her hand. We mingled with the guests before the presentation began for the Paris Residence Club while nibbling on a variety of french hors d'oeuvres and sipping sauvignon blanc. Suddenly the idea of a pied-à-terre in Paris just seemed delightful.

Tanteo Tequila anyone?

Some "plus one" invites are best when they are last minute. As I was walking out of my office last night I got a call to meet at the Tanteo Tequila offices in Soho for a tasting event. When I entered the space I was instantly surprised by what was behind the huge steel entrance door. The founders transformed a typical white box office space into the world of Tanteo filled with amazing Mexican antiques and décor that makes you feel right at home. We nestled right in at the bar and started sampling the many different varieties of drinks. I have to say my favorite was the "ginger smash" made with Jalapeño Tequila by the end of the night I was a huge fan. Now I just need to find out if my local liquor store carries it. Fingers crossed.


2009 Annual EMERY Awards After Party.

What do you call a night filled with A-list gays and the people who love them? The 2009 Annual EMERY Awards Benefiting The 30th Anniversary of The Hetrick-Martin Institute. I arrived to the after party around 10pm to a filled house. DJ Lina was on the turntables and Lance Bass was already on the dance floor getting his groove on. As I made my way to the bar, I looked around the room at a sea of handsome gentleman in suits and ties wearing Brad Goreski type glasses. I guess The Rachel Zoe project has influenced them all but secretly I have been wearing them for years. It was an amazing night spent catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and showing our support for a great cause.



Dinner for 3 and a "plus one"

Some nights there is no need to be in front of a step and repeat and running from place to place. There is something to be said to be the "plus one" at a small intimate dinner for four on the upper east side.

We arrive a few minutes late to his apartment to the smells of a home cooked meal being prepared. We chatted in the kitchen for a bit before sitting down to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail and starting talking about the week that past and how crazy it was that there were no plus ones for the Valentino party. I am sure all the plus ones out there were up in arms that night. I know I was. The next day I did hear from a good source that we were all missed.

The evening could not have been more perfect. As we hopped into the cab to make our way back downtown I realized that I have met some of the most incredible people in this "plus one" world that I would not trade for anything.


Four Events in One Night.

Four events in one night. I thought to myself "How was I going to do this?"

It started at an Alessi shopping event in Soho. A quick drive by to see what was new, see our friends from BDE and have a glass of champagne. Nothing makes shopping more enjoyable then a little bit of bubbly. We said our good-byes and off we were to the second event. I Love America and America Loves Me an exhibition of political and sexually charged drawings by irreverent, Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Floyd at Heist Gallery (27 Essex St.). When we arrive the space was packed with artists and the people who love them. We made our way through the room viewing the 64 pieces the artist had on display to say hello to Laura Rubin of LLR consulting who was doing the PR for the artist. We chatted for a few and off to the third event. Robert Fowler's birthday party, "No List, No Line, No Theme." at The Hill. The minute we walked through the door it was straight to the birthday boy to give him birthday wishes. A few drinks later it was time for them to go to the Valentino party. This part of my night deserves it own post.....